12 сентября 2008 г.

Telegraph рассказала о матерной перебранке Лаврова и Милибэнда

Сергей Лавров и Дэвид Милибэнд. Фотографии AFP

Министр иностранных дел России Сергей Лавров использовал нецензурную лексику в телефонном разговоре со своим британским коллегой Дэвидом Милибэндом, утверждает газета The Telegraph. По непроверенной информации, говорится в статье издания, Лавров несколько раз употребил в разговоре бранное слово "f**k".

В частности, Лаврову приписывают фразу: "Who are you to f**ing lecture me?!" ("Кто ты такой, чтобы читать мне, б****, нотации?!"). Также Лавров, утверждает издание, "столь же откровенным образом" поинтересовался у Милибэнда, насколько хорошо тот знает историю. Разговор двух министров, очевидно, касался ситуации на Кавказе и конфликта России с Грузией.

Отметим, что первым про жесткий разговор Милибэнда и Лаврова в своем блоге на сайте Telegraph написал обозреватель The Sun Эндрю Портер 9 сентября 2008 года. Источник своей информации о разговоре он не раскрывает, начиная запись о случившемся со слов "Мне тут рассказали..." ("I was told..."). Сотрудники британского внешнеполитического ведомства в разговоре с корреспондентами The Telegraph подтвердили, что в беседе Милибэнда и Лаврова фигурировали бранные слова, однако подчеркнули, что матерился только один из министров.

А вот некоторые комментарии к статье, некоторые из них весьма забавны:

Nick: I understand Mr Lavrov. Current British FS is a very arrogant and ignorant person. He makes very irresponsible comments not only in private conversations with diplomats, but also in public. For example, after Litvinenko's murder he suggested the Russian authorities to change the constitution in order to extradite Lugovoi, who was the main suspect by Scotland Yard. Do you think that British authorities can dictate what other states should change in their constitutions? I suspect his mentoring tone is quite annoying to other diplomats and Lavrov put him in his place.

Philip: Speaking from Russia, where I have lived and worked for 3 years, I am delighted that so many readers of the DT seem to support Russia and not morons like Milliband and the UK government. It is time the DT itself changed its stance from anti-Russia to pro-Russia (and fired Adrian Blomfeld, their man in Moscow). Russia is art of the modern world, it is merley that unlike the UK, it does not follow the US in its desire for world domination. The UK is no more than a US state unable to think for itself. Time we went back to our own roots and reasserted our own independent national identity-and followed Russia's example in dealing with the US-and morons like Milliband.

Alex: Just forget the F-word for a second. I simply wonder if Mr. Milliband really knows the history of Russia (or any other country which has not been a part of the British Empire) or not? Knowing the standards of education in the UK - well, the answer is probably no... P.S. For somebody who wondered where the comments were written from - this one comes from Canary Wharf.

Stan-antifascist: I don't believe that among these comments there is one written by a genuine Brit happy after his Foreign Secretary was humiliated, spat in the face and abused by the Russian bandit. As usual all the comments are from Russian propaganda agents disguised as Westerners who are massively flooding all the world forums nowadays.

Leslie Hillhouse: Wow. I didn't realize this was a Russian website. It's amazing to read that the "British people" are more in support of the Russians than their own government. Churchill must be spinning.

Radiowave: Haha, he was cussing in English! Can Milibrand cuss in Russian?

Al: would love to hear Lavrov talk like that to George W. (Bush) Now you guys know why 51% of us re-elected him in 2004? What would Kerry or Obama do? Offer effusive apologies for troubling Lavrov? The Texas Cowboy is feared by all enemies of freedom!

Al: Some dirtball Moscow rag newspaper or website must be linking to this article. The amount of trolls here are not to be believed. I can't imagine that even in Britain their citizens would be that anti-government. If they were, why don't they move the hell to Russia? I'm sure Lavrov would love to have them. After all, Russia's dying off at the rate of millions per year. And Britain could do with a few less lefty useful fools.

Yury: As Russian who lived in London for several years I hope that despite all those clashes Russians and Brits still will be able to have pint of beer together. Cheers )
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Спасибо, Yury! На этой многообещающей фразе, пожалуй, и закончим! Сколько людей - столько и мнений! Не желаете высказаться тоже?... Поле комментариев открыто для всех желающих...